Consultation and training on business in Russia and Finland. With over 30 years of experience.


Russia is a nearby BRIC-country, a fact that offers opportunities of a large market for businesses. The Russian consumers and companies have huge demand on our services and products. The rapidly changing business environment offers big possibilities but the newcomers can face many challenges before entering the market. We have a long experience in helping western companies enter the challenging Russian market with success and we know that building a successful business in Russia is not only a big opportunity, but in many cases it is the reality.

Let us help your company to understand the requirements of entering the market, setting up the business and continuing to succeed in the long run. We offer consultation services for start-up, including analysis of the market, potential customers and the right strategy, market entry management, consultation of investments and financial management, and much, much more. We offer our services for western companies who wish to enter the Russian market as well as the Russian companies interested in establishing themselves in Finland.

Some of the traditional professions will come to an end due to the digitalization and automation of processes. New skills and professions will be needed, and people will need to develop themselves for the new expectations of the work life. Have you ever considered entrepreneurship as a profession? Let our experienced professionals help you to start, and build your own success story!

Do you feel that your employees, sales force or the management group needs more information and education about Russian business environment? Would you like to hear more about the adventures of entrepreneurship in Finland and Russia? Does your internal strategy need an update? Just contact us, we are happy to help you develop your organization!

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Realistic, but at the same time innovative approach to the ever acute Russian topics are the definite strengths of CEO Pirjo Karhu.

Ms. Karhu´s experience in international business is evident and especially her talents to predict changes in different economical climates. She has also acted as a lecturer in Chamber of Commerce´s Corporate Governance tution with the topic ”Members of the Board in family owned companies”.
— Mika Peltonen, CEO, South Karelia Chamber of Commerce

I can happily state that all our members who were present, got a lot more than they had expected.

The extremely topical review of the current situation of the Russian Trade and the evaluation of future changes were both done with great expertise. It is easy to recommend Pirjo Karhu as an expert lecturer of her field to all similar events.
— Mikko Iisakkila, Säästöpankkijohdon Kilta ry

Pirjo Karhu candidly shared her personal development story of developing extensive business relationships in Russia. Pirjo participated in our panel discussion which was very timely to the current challenges in the area. We would like to thank her for her time and openness.
— Brett Fifield, Head of the NIBS Conferences, Lahti University of Applied Sciences