Insights Discovery trainings now available from Centre d’Expertise!

Centre d’Expertise introduces a new service: Insights Discovery training program. Insight Discovery is a powerful tool for businesses in order to grow awareness of their employees’ best skills, improve teamwork, grow sales and find better ways to lead and manage the company.

Insights Discovery profile system also offers a very effective tool for recruiting with the help of a personal profile that helps to understand the role of the applicant in the current team before making the recruiting decision.

The Insights Discovery learning program includes five areas of expertise for a customized learning solution:

Individual Effectiveness and customer service Improved self-understanding & communication

Team Effectiveness Improved cross-functional working & help teams collaborate more effectively

Organizational Effectiveness Understand your corporate personality & create a more inspired culture

Sales Effectiveness Help sales people be more effective at every stage of the sale

Leadership Effectiveness Help leaders become more effective at managing themselves, their team & the organization


The trainings are held in Finnish or English, and can be modified according to your organization's needs. Just read more from here, contact us for more information and ask for an offer for your organization!

In addition to the training programs, remember that you can ask for an individual Insights Discovery Profile, an easy tool to help before making the final recruitment decision.