With 30 years of experience and expertise in business.



Pirjo Karhu

The founder of Centre d'Expertise Pirjo Karhu has 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur and professional in building successful businesses in Russia and Finland.

Her career is a true success story of internationalization and building a business. Her first company, Konsu, was the first Finnish company offering financial management services in Russia. Karhu and Konsu received many awards, amongst them the Russian Duma award for the Best Manager of the Year in 2010 and 2011, The Federation of Finnish Enterprises presented her with National Entrepreneurship Award year 2005, and the Konsu Group has been repeatedly ranked high on the list of most successful companies in Finland (Balance Consulting, Kauppalehti). Karhu also received the Honorary Title of Entrepreneurship from the President of the Republic of Finland in year 2011.

She has a team of trusted professionals, and a wide network of contacts to help you develop your business in Russia and in Finland. 



Attorney Matti Honkanen

Legal expertise in Russia and Finland

Attorney Matti Honkanen has graduated as a lawyer and an attorney in Finland, from where he has worked for almost 30 years as an expert of the corporate law of Soviet Union and Russia. In addition, Honkanen is the author - either alone or the main author - of eight broad-based books about the business and contract law in Russia. He has lived and worked in the Soviet Union and Russia for over six years, and masters the Russian language and business culture.

Matti Honkanen, who is one of the few lawyers in Finland with knowledge of the Russian language, has served Russian companies and private individuals in Finland and in the EU for almost 30 years. Honkanen has studied the Russian language at the Moscow State University (MGU). He has extensive expertise of the Finnish corporate and contract laws and he has also specialized in EU customs law issues. In addition, Honkanen is much respected lecturer among the Russian entrepreneurs. He is currently a partner at the Attorneys at Law Teperi & Co. Oy.