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Insight Discovery® is a powerful tool for businesses and leaders, who wish to grow awareness of their employees’ best skills, improve teamwork, grow sales and find better ways to lead and manage the company. We organize the Insights trainings in Finnish and in English, and the training is  customized to meet your organization's needs. You can also contact us for just an Insights Discovery Profile for example when recruiting a new employee.

The Insights Group was established 1988 in Dundee, Scotland. Now it is a global learning and development company collaborating with leading organizations across the world and has offices in over 30 countries with availability in over 25 languages. Insights has been established in Finland since 1999, and there are over 30 accredited coaches in Finland.

Insights Discovery® Profile also offers a very effective tool for recruiting with the aid of a personal profile that helps to understand the strenghts and the role of the applicant in the existing team before making the final recruiting decision.

The Insights Discovery learning program includes five areas of expertise for a customized learning solution:

Individual Effectiveness and customer service Improved self-understanding & communication

Team Effectiveness Improved cross-functional working & help teams collaborate more effectively

Organizational Effectiveness   Understand your corporate personality & create a more inspired culture

Sales Effectiveness Help sales people be more effective at every stage of the sale

Leadership Effectiveness Help leaders become more effective at managing themselves, their team & the organization


Understanding your own best abilities, as well as better understanding the people around you and how to address them helps to build teams that are more effective, that work well together and achieve better sales. Insight Discovery learning system highlights the unique qualities of each person, and understands the fact that people behave differently at home and at work. The Insights Discovery Profile addresses the “work me” as a part of a team instead of the “home me”.


Insights Discovery Wheel Color Model, a tool to display different personalities

Insights Discovery Colour Model.png

The Insights Discovery color system, based on Carl Jung’s theory of personality, makes a concrete example of the differences between personality types through the color themes. The color system makes the differences easier to understand and to remember them in everyday work.

The system also highlights the fact that none of us actually represents only one color and behavioral type, and the unique ordering of the color energies shapes the personal styles. The preference for one color energy indicates the dominant or preferred style of thinking, working and communicating.


Team Wheel as a tool for guiding the teams

Team Wheel is a helpful tool for analyzing the roles and effectiveness of a team. It can help to understand the way the team works and for example, how the management group and the rest of the organization might differ in opinions and behavioral styles. It gives an interpretation of the organizational culture, and e.g. the possible difficulties and challenges the sales team could be facing. The Insights Model helps to address the reasons behind those challenges, to understand them and this way use the information to build a more effective workplace and high achieving teams.

  • How to lead / motivate the team
  • Communication strategies and value to the team
  • Explore quickly the team’s strengths and challenges in the context of team goals
  • Understand the preferred and unique style of each team member
  • Create a respectful and safe environment for giving and receiving feedback


Some of the benefits of Insights Concept:

  • Speedy workshop implementation
  • Easy to understand / memorable
  • Readily transferred into everyday situations
  • Positive language
  • Individual
  • Supports a range of development programme options
  • Statistical reliability and validity


Your organization can grow to be even stronger and more effective, just contact us here and we are happy to give you more information. Let's start planning the right training package for your company!

Start Up Services

Establishing a company to a new country is a challenge, was it Russia or Finland where you are headed to. It is vital for success to build a strong base for the business functions. This base includes also knowledge of the operating environment in addition to its laws and regulations. Centre d’Expertise has a wide working knowledge from Russia and Finland, as well as a partner network to ease things even more. We are here to help you find the right location for your company, analyze the market, find the good partners and start the success story of your company. Just let us help and let’s get started!

- Turn key package for foreign investors in Russia: market  and customer analysis, strategy consulting, market entry management, consulting in investments, finding the right partners, risk evaluation and management, financial management and legal services.

- Turn key package for Russian investors in Finland: market research, strategy consulting, training, legal advising, setting up a company, finding right location and property, risk management, partner search and financial management.




Whether it is coaching for your sales force, management team or a bigger specialist audience, Pirjo Karhu has a strong expertise of entrepreneurship as well as board member work in Finland and Russia. Possible topics for the trainings can be for example Business in Russia, Management and Leadership in Russia and Finland, Spirit-Up, Successful Strategies etc.

  • Coaching programs, training, internal strategy communication and seminars
  • Coaching for new entrepreneurs
  • Training program for Russian entrepreneurs and business leaders.

Topic of the event is defined according to your needs, and can be held in Finnish or in English.





Centre d’Expertise Oy has published several books on business in Finland and in Russia.
Publications in Finnish:

  • Kirjanpito Venäjällä & Kansainvälinen kirjanpito / Accounting in Russia & International Accounting
  • Verotus Venäjällä / Taxation in Russia
  • Liiketoiminta Venäjällä / Business in Russia
  • Vienti & Tuontitoiminta Venäjälle / Exporting & Importing to Russia
  • Sopimusoikeus Venäjällä / Contract law in Russia
  • Yritystoiminta Suomessa, päivitetty / Business in Finland, updated
  • Kiinteistön Hankinta & Rahoitusopas / A Guidebook for Acquisition and Financing a Property
  • Liiketoiminnan harjoittaminen ja yrityksen rekisteröinti Suomessa, ELY-Keskus / Practicing Business and Registering a Company in Finland, Centre for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment)
    You can read the publication in Finnish or in Russian here.
  • Handbook on Russian business environment, managing business in Russia and Finland.


- Centre d'Expertise also offers translation services: translating documents fi-ru-fi, fi-en-fi.